How often do we really pause? Pause, admire and feel gratefulness towards the na…

How often do we really pause? Pause, admire and feel gratefulness towards the nature that surrounds us.
Take a moment and appreciate everything that the ecosystems provides us with. Our whole society, all the cities, our houses, our food, our cars are built up by services from ecosystems. Another example, trees, they gives us air and provide carbon sequestration, they help control our climate, they prevent flooding, they keep our soil healthy, and so on. These services and values are often not accounted into our regular way of thinking when it comes to economic capital. How much do we actually need to pay when exploiting natural resources? Do we even know?
Ecosystems are complex things built on the connection between every organism in the system. If one organisms disappear or changes it means that a whole ecosystem can change or disappear. In other words treat everyone with respect and carefulness.
In this moment one organism (me) pauses and connects with thousands of other organisms in this particular ecosystem.
So next time passing a tree or enjoying nature, pause, admire and feel gratefulness towards all our fellow organisms keeping us alive.

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Källa: Sofie Gidlund

I’m born in January 1996 in the arctic city Kiruna, Sweden. My life on skis started at the age of 3 years at “Loussavaarabacken”. Alpine skiing has been my main focus during my skiing career until the season 16/17. This year has been spent down in the alps on my first freeride season. With new goals and dreams my main focus for this season was to compete on the FWQ-tour. Skiing is undoubtedly my biggest passion. Doesn’t matter if I ski in the piste, off-pist or touring in the backcountry. A day in the ski-boots is a good day!