I often end up with having to much on my plate. Why can’t I just learn and do on…

I often end up with having to much on my plate. Why can’t I just learn and do one or two things at the time? And not 10000. When I was younger I could do so much at the same time and not even get affected. That’s really different today. Today I need to listen to my body, mind and feelings and get enough rest otherwise I’m getting really low. It’s been a long way back and forth understanding myself and the things that work and not for me. And I can’t stop wonder why I can see so much similarities between my journey and a lot of my best friends and young people today. All, bright, ambitious people who doesn’t feel well or OK because of (maybe) all the pressures delivered from our society? I feel sad because of the mental illness that just keeps growing and growing and to younger and younger people as well. It’s such an important question and everyone should be taken seriously when reaching out for a hand. And remember life here on Instagram or social media isn’t always a real-life picture. Everyone needs to take responsibility though. What do you want to consume and fill your life with? And remember that we decide how we want to see things, a negative aspect (even though it seems impossible sometimes) always has a positive side.
Today I have done one exam and a short workout. Even though my mind tells me I need to be better and do more, you know seize the day, I won’t because that’s okey. Be kind to yourself, follow your heart and remember to rest.
#mentalhealth #awareness #loveisallyouneed

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Källa: Sofie Gidlund

I’m born in January 1996 in the arctic city Kiruna, Sweden. My life on skis started at the age of 3 years at “Loussavaarabacken”. Alpine skiing has been my main focus during my skiing career until the season 16/17. This year has been spent down in the alps on my first freeride season. With new goals and dreams my main focus for this season was to compete on the FWQ-tour. Skiing is undoubtedly my biggest passion. Doesn’t matter if I ski in the piste, off-pist or touring in the backcountry. A day in the ski-boots is a good day!