Further. Everyone has a further. Whether it’s goals, ambitions, dreams or a stat…

Everyone has a further. Whether it’s goals, ambitions, dreams or a state of mind doesn’t matter. Further is individual. It can be a goal that drags you out of bed every morning, the dreams that makes you believe, the ambitions that makes you sweat, cry and wonder – why am I doing this? Further can’t be defined as one thing, it’s constantly developing and changing. Precisely as we do, as humans.
This fall I got challenged by @hellyhansen to try and #FindYourFurther. Not an easy task for me. I’m an over-thinker, overachiever, serious and stubborn Capricorn. But also happy, joyful, sometimes lazy and crazy Capricorn. Exploring more of myself makes me trust who I really am and what I want to do. Therefore, this season my #FindYourFurther is to respect and accept all the different sides of myself. Because we spend way too much time criticising ourselves instead of focusing on loving ourselves. I’m not only a Freeride skier that skis big lines and jumps off cliffs. I’m a student who loves to read about the environment. I’m an artistic person who loves to dance, write and read poetry. I’m a sensitive woman that need my friends and family. I’m a lazy girl that loves to take a break in the sofa and eat chocolate. I’m an athlete that loves to sweat and challenge myself while doing it. Every one of us walking on this Earth are a complex and unique thing. Let us thrive together by starting to embrace all our different sides. In this short movie I’ve tried to show you some different perspective on my Further. A Further that will allow me to just be myself, fully present in every moment. 
(Ad) What is your further?
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Källa: Sofie Gidlund

I’m born in January 1996 in the arctic city Kiruna, Sweden. My life on skis started at the age of 3 years at “Loussavaarabacken”. Alpine skiing has been my main focus during my skiing career until the season 16/17. This year has been spent down in the alps on my first freeride season. With new goals and dreams my main focus for this season was to compete on the FWQ-tour. Skiing is undoubtedly my biggest passion. Doesn’t matter if I ski in the piste, off-pist or touring in the backcountry. A day in the ski-boots is a good day!