[ad] Proud to work with companies that wants to make a change, be better and cha…

[ad] Proud to work with companies that wants to make a change, be better and challenge the “old” ways of producing and thinking. @hellyhansen are stepping up their game, adding some new materials to their product-line. The jacket on this picture are made of a mono-material, where only one fibre are used in the garment to make it easier to recycle. Also launching the Lifa Infinity Pro, a new technology that provides professional-grade waterproof/breathable performance with everlasting durable water repellency. Simply keeping a garment waterproof without using any chemicals. The Lifa fibre used in the technology are hydrophobic which means that you never have to reproof your garment with chemical treatment. Looking forward to try it!!
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It also makes me super happy to see that a lot of outdoor brands are such good role models for the whole fashion industry. Taking small steps all the time towards becoming circular and using more sustainable technologies in their production. It also makes me really happy that there seems to be a bigger trend to share work (open source) and inspire each other to become better rather than just compete. In the end we’re all in the same boat, kind of.

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Källa: Sofie Gidlund

I’m born in January 1996 in the arctic city Kiruna, Sweden. My life on skis started at the age of 3 years at “Loussavaarabacken”. Alpine skiing has been my main focus during my skiing career until the season 16/17. This year has been spent down in the alps on my first freeride season. With new goals and dreams my main focus for this season was to compete on the FWQ-tour. Skiing is undoubtedly my biggest passion. Doesn’t matter if I ski in the piste, off-pist or touring in the backcountry. A day in the ski-boots is a good day!